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Issue 23 THE NEWSPAPER FOR THE SECURITY INDUSTRY Tim Compston sits down with Cliff Wilson, an Associate Partner in the IBM Security Business Unit (UK and Ireland), for an insight into the major cybersecurity vulnerabilities around legacy industrial control systems and more broadly critical infrastructure. • Read more – page 11 Cybersecurity Despite some encouraging statistics reporting that incidents of piracy have fallen, Maritime Security Correspondent Steven Jones says severity has increased and that if anything, security should be ramped up to face these new threats. • Read more – page 5 Maritime In this three-page special, experts from IHS Markit, IndigoVision, Axis Communications, Arecont Vision and more, tell Security News Desk what is making waves in the world of video surveillance cameras, from the race for more pixels to the cybersecurity of the cameras themselves. • Read more – page 8 - 10 Video surveillance Siklu's Head of Marketing and Product Management Eran Sagi, on the benefits of millimetre wave technology over CCTV. Page 25 Issue sponsor e attack on a group of soldiers yards away from the world-famous Louvre Museum in Paris, which hit the headlines at the end of January, is another worrying example of the growing catalogue of terrorist attacks that have rocked France in recent years - from Nice to the Bataclan theatre and the offices of Charlie Hebdo - leading to the loss of hundreds of lives. is onslaught has also forced the country to maintain a state of emergency much longer than was originally envisaged. Back in December the country's parliament voted once to keep these heightened security measures in place, this time until the middle of July which falls aer the French elections. In the case of the Louvre incident itself, this began when an Egyptian citizen, Abdullah Reda Refaei al- Hamamy, who had recently arrived in France, approached four soldiers who were patrolling the entrance to the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall. e mall is situated under the museum proper. When prevented from bringing two backpacks he was carrying into the mall he proceeded to attack the soldiers with a machete while, apparently, shouting 'Allahu Akba' ('God is Great'). e soldiers initially tried to fend him off physically but, ultimately, had to open fire to subdue their attacker. e assailant was critically injured and two of the soldiers were wounded during the encounter. Interestingly, the police in Paris later confirmed that no explosives were found in the backpacks, just some spray cans. Parallels have been drawn to another incident - a year earlier - where a Tunisian man targeted police officers outside a Paris police station with a knife. In this case the culprit was shot dead. Although the hosting of Euro 2016 went smoothly for the French authorities, from a terrorism perspective, the tragedy over the summer in Nice served as another wake-up call. Since then France has continued to suffer from smaller scale incidents like at the Louvre, all of which serve to underline the severity of the ongoing threat. One of the most shocking acts of terror was, undoubtedly, the killing of a priest during a service in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, a fortnight on from the Nice tragedy. As is the case in other countries being targeted by terrorist groups like ISIS, including here in the UK, the attacks that come to fruition are only the tip of iceberg. Multiple plots are underway all the time and in France this was exemplified just the other week by the arrest of four people, including a 16-year-old girl, in Montpellier who, it is suspected, were seeking to carry out an attack. Suspicions were raised aer they had bought acetone that can potentially be used to make bombs. As pressure mounts on ISIS in Syria, and Iraq, the question is how many foreign fighters are likely to return with their extremist views reinforced and then proceed to wreak havoc at home? Certainly, the security services are vigilant to this threat. Sadly, even without the returnees from overseas it would appear that, where France is concerned, there are all too many radicalised individuals already in place who are willing to contemplate taking extreme action to further their cause. France in firing line with Louvre attack As the official news partner for the Middle East's most important trade show, Security News Desk looks back at Intersec 2017, checks out some of the most important launches, and finds out how the exhibitors fared there. To read our comprehensive review of the show, turn to pages 6 – 7 'Ours is a unique and disruptive technology' Intersec 2017 review Thermal Imaging Radar could be a game-changer in the wide area intrusion detection market. New Sub Editor Francesca Seden, sat down with Global Sales Director, Michael Petty and CEO David Kay to find out how. To read the full feature, turn to page 16 Millimetre Wave Technology

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