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Vancouver-based video surveillance soware specialist Avigilon has joined forces with EET Europarts, one of Europe's largest distributors of video surveillance, spare parts and accessories, in a partnership which will give Avigilon a significant presence in the Nordic region and an opportunity there to deliver what it claims is the industry´s most complete and intelligent HD video surveillance solution. According to Avigilon, the company offers the world's most powerful end- to-end security system, including HD video surveillance, self-learning video analytics and IT-friendly access control. e distribution agreement with EET Europarts includes distribution rights for Avigilon´s systems and solutions in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. e product portfolio will be distributed through EET Europarts´ professional network of specialized surveillance and security installers and resellers. Bo Ørbjerg, Group Sales Director, Surveillance and Security at EET Group, commented: "I am really pleased with this cooperation, and I am convinced that it will strengthen EET Europarts´s position as a genuine value added distributor of professional high-end and end-to-end solutions, since Avigilon is an absolute leader in total solutions for the security industry. In cooperation with Avigilon we are able to offer our professional dealers and installers a highly qualified technical support 24/7, 365 days a year – at means even on Christmas Eve, if a critical installation requires it." Nordic Sales Director at Avigilon, Michael Kragh, added: "EET Europarts is present in all four Nordic countries with a very active sales force, and with an ambition to provide the very best service. Furthermore, EET Europarts has for the past few years grown its Pan-European distribution bigger and stronger, and expanded the sales and product team with very skilled employees. "EET Europarts is highly recognized as a professional distribution partner with wide competences in the security and surveillance business, and we look very much forward to the co-operation." For further information please contact our local EET Europarts sales entities: Passenger drones could be seen in the skies above Dubai as early as July 2017, according to the city's Road and Transport Authority (RTA), speaking at the World Government Summit which took place from February 12 – 14, in Dubai. is news further demonstrates the Middle East's investment in drone technology, which comes aer Intersec 2017, where drones featured heavily. e show also featured the launch of drone detection and disabling technology, SkyDroner. e pilotless drones, designed to carry a weight of 100kg and a small suitcase, will have a range of 30 km, and are on track to take off within months, according to Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of RTA. "I am glad to inform you that hopefully we will be able to have these drones available starting July 2017," he said. e drones are part of Dubai's strategy on autonomous transportation, under which 25 per cent of all journeys within the Emirate are expected to be smart and driverless by 2030. CEO of electric-car manufacturer Tesla and founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, estimated a far more rapid evolution of driverless cars, suggesting that all cars will have the capability within a decade. He commented: "My guess is in 10 years, it will be very unusual for cars to be not fully autonomous. Almost all cars will be capable of full autonomy in about 10 years. Tesla cars that are made today have the sensor system for full autonomy, it is mostly just a question of upgrading the soware." Trevor Dearing, EMEA Marketing Director at cyber security specialist Gigamon, has said that more collaboration between security vendors and organisations is needed to combat the threat of state- sponsored cyber-attacks. His comments come following the opening, by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, of a new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), part of intelligence agency GCHQ, based in Victoria, central London. According to NCSC Chief Executive Ciaran Martin, speaking at the official launch of the centre on February 14, attempts by Russian and Chinese state- sponsored hackers were among those being investigated by the centre. Although the centre only officially opened recently, it has been operating since October and brings together several existing cybersecurity organisations. Chancellor Phillip Hammond also commented that the NCSC had blocked 34,550 "potential attacks" on government departments and members of the public in the last six months – warning that the internet revolution raised the threat of being held to ransom by hackers, the the of intellectual property and the "shutting down of critical national infrastructure". Dearing added: "In this day and age, we simply cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to cybersecurity – but there still is confusion among many organisations when it comes to their perceived level security and actual cyber- readiness. Public sector organisations are oen the most vulnerable, despite the fact they process increasingly valuable information. Last year, for example, our research found that only 55 per cent of UK government organisations have an IT budget dedicated to security solutions, which just isn't enough. "e National Cyber Security Centre's comments confirm what most of us already know – that the number and severity of cyber-attacks is increasing every day. As critical infrastructure continues to move online and as more devices connect to networks with questionable levels of security, organisations are becoming even more vulnerable. It's clear that in spite of our best defences, increasingly organised hackers are not only getting through, they are staying undetected on our networks for longer. To combat this, organisations and security vendors must ditch the complacency and instead fight smarter, in a more joined up way to identify, isolate and eliminate cyber threats faster." Dearing continued: "EU GDPR with its stringent rules and heavy fines is one thing, but a successful attack on our critical infrastructure could have even longer lasting and far more damaging consequences for us all. With that, government organisations in particular need to constantly examine the way that their data security models are deployed and managed. In practice, this must begin with ensuring full, pervasive visibility into everything that's happening across their networks – a task that cloud computing, mobile, virtualisation and IoT has made both harder and more important than ever." A survey of small businesses in the UK carried out by network video surveillance specialist Axis Communications has discovered that 84 per cent of retail, office and hospitality owners are looking for video surveillance with high resolution images and intelligent features such as remote monitoring to provide superior security for their premises. According to the research, 85 per cent also stated that high quality and reliability would be important purchasing considerations when looking to invest in video surveillance. e survey is said to demonstrate a wide consensus amongst small business owners that current surveillance solutions in place are not viable to provide the necessary proof of crime at a time when the cost of shop the is at an all-time high. It also reveals that new technology is sought to provide the required security level within their business. Axis Communications carried out the survey to establish small business owners' key challenges regarding video surveillance and how they believe it could be improved. In addition to stating that high quality images and the ability to access footage remotely on a smart phone or other device is desirable, 70 per cent also stated that ease-of-use is also high on the agenda. In light of accessible intelligent technology, 82 per cent of small business owners are considering new video surveillance technology for their premises to provide a more up-to- date solution. e survey also demonstrated challenges currently faced by small business owners in regards to their existing video surveillance solutions, Axis said. A number of factors were revealed as unsatisfactory within their present set up including poor quality of images and difficulty of use. ese small business owners reported facing issues with their current video surveillance including "bad quality of system", "lack of ability to monitor outside of premises" and providing "limited proof of crime". Atul Rajput, Regional Director of Northern Europe, Axis Communications commented: "Pioneering technology and the benefits that come with it shouldn't be limited to corporate entities. With the help of dedicated IT and security installers, the network camera is becoming more accessible and affordable for the small business than ever before. Many small business owners have an awareness that high quality, intelligent solutions are available and are looking for guidance as to how they can make the most of this to protect their premises and ultimately their bottom line. A rise in the and the continued improvements in technology such as remote monitoring and high- quality images are only set to exacerbate this." Rajput added: "As legacy video surveillance solutions become obsolete, we are witnessing a shi in the ways small businesses adopt new solutions. Once regarded as a standalone investment, many now consider IP cameras as a vital upgrade that forms a part of their larger IT infrastructure. Along with this, users are also looking to remotely access live and pre-recorded video footage anytime and anywhere. e ultimate benefit of this is a solution that delivers information rapidly, cost-effectively and that can benefit from the latest applications as and when they become available." Passenger drones to take to Dubai skies in summer 2017 Avigilon signs Nordic distribution agreement with EET Europarts 84 per cent of small businesses call for intelligent video surveillance as existing systems fail to protect premises State-sponsored attacks call for more security industry collaboration, says Gigamon 2 News Issue sponsor Tel +44 (0)1269 833222 Email S ee our website at w w Find us in the most remote places M A N U F A C T U R E R O F C C T V P O L E S , C O L U M N S , T O W E R S & B R A C K E T S Altron AW1697 / ACT Cabinet-based Tiltdown Lattice Tower Windfarm ad - 150 h x 210 w_Layout 1 03/06/2016 13:08 Page 1

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