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Momentum in our business is strong, the statement said, and the contracts that constitute our new business pipeline are increasingly high in value and large in scope. Whilst the strength and superiority of Digital Barriers' technology is allowing the Group to gain access to opportunities of this scale, these increasingly large contracts present a significant challenge in terms of the timing of their award and delivery and, hence, revenue recognition relative to the Group's financial period-ends. e Group has focused over the last 12 months on trying to address this challenge. However, although sales cycles have been shortened, the Group is currently in the latter stages of securing a number of material solutions sales and framework contracts, all of which it had expected would be secured prior to 31 March. Whilst the Group currently expects to secure all of these awards, it has now become clear that some or all of them may now be secured in the next financial year. If none of the awards are signed before the end of March, there is expected to be a shortfall of approximately £10m on revenue for the year ending 31 March 2017 compared to current market forecasts. e contracts in question include what would be the Group's largest ever sales in to the USA, Asia and the Middle East in addition to the Group's most material potential OEM contracts. In aggregate, and at an absolute level, these contracts represent revenue of approximately £14.5m, with recognition of that revenue, once signed, spread over the coming and future financial years. Commenting, Chairman Tom Black said: "is is a disappointing outturn to the year - a year in which we have achieved some very positive progress across our technologies and in our international markets. We are securing larger, more complex sales opportunities, but which carry much longer sales cycles and make it difficult for us to determine the timing of their closure. In light of this disappointment, I will lead a review of our sales and engagement model to ensure that meaningful and sustainable improvements can be made to this critical aspect of how we do business." Body-worn video (BWV) technology is becoming an increasingly important and useful tool for law enforcement purposes, yet as a type of public space surveillance it falls within the remit of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Code of Practice. is requires the Commissioner, Tony Porter, to ensure that 'relevant authorities' including local authorities and the police, comply with the SC Code, which Mr Porter has called a "universally accepted example of good practice". Two such police forces, the Greater Manchester Police and Metropolitan Police Service, recently gained certification to the Code – completed by SSAIB auditors – and are now using devices for a variety of innovative and beneficial applications. Greater Manchester Police e Greater Manchester Police experience began with a trial of 80 BWV cameras among response teams in the north and south of Manchester between 2012-13. An initial 12-week pilot led to a roll-out of BWV cameras from March 2016 to all operational front- line police officers and specialist units. Approximately 3200 units will eventually be deployed, with further plans for the scheme to additionally include police community support officers in 2017. A report by the Independent Police Ethics Committee concluded that the technology could help improve the criminal justice process for victims of domestic abuse, by gathering crucial evidence to make it quicker and easier to obtain a conviction, and relieving the pressure on victims who don't feel able to attend court. Metropolitan Police Service Meanwhile, following an initial year-long pilot project involving the distribution of around 500 cameras among emergency response teams spread across 10 London Boroughs, the Metropolitan Police Service is now rolling out BWV technology across the capital. is three- phase programme entails the deployment of approximately 22,000 camera units, which is due for completion by mid- 2017. e force's initial pilot scheme was studied by the College of Policing and the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC). eir reported findings included potential benefits from BWV including a reduced number of allegations against officers, particularly of oppressive behaviour. Complaints related to interactions with the public also reduced. Commenting on the Metropolitan Police's accreditation to the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, the force's Policy Lead, Digital Policing, Sam Harvey noted: "Achieving full certification has been a vital aspect of our assurance to the public that body-worn video is being used effectively in the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). e Surveillance Camera Commissioner's comprehensive guiding principles have been invaluable for our BWV policy and rollout of the world's largest deployment of BWV. " Mark Chaderton, System Support Manager at Greater Manchester Police added: "We are delighted to have achieved full certification and look forward to continuing to work within the Commissioner's 12 guiding principles as GMP's use of BWV develops." Body-worn video and the Police Digital Barriers reports 'strong momentum' but disappointment over OEM contracts Police in London and Manchester, using body-worn video in a variety of innovative and beneficial ways, also now demonstrate their important compliance with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice. SSAIB's Stephen Grieve explains how. Global surveillance and security specialist, Digital Barriers, has reported 'strong momentum' in a statement for the financial year ending 31 March 2017 but also a "disappointing outturn to the year" as it predicts a "shortfall of £10m on revenue", if some of its potentially large OEM contracts do not come to fruition. 10 News Issue sponsor News Comprehensive range of UK designed & manufactured cameras to suit every application! n Now with NEW revolutionary paint technology n Sony HD STARVIS modules in stock n UK sourced, quality components n Rugged build with proven reliability n Supporting British industry by UK manufacture Tel. 0870 903 3601 Email: Website: To discuss which product best fits your application, please contact our UK Sales Office today. A great British company British made ad A4 26/08/2016 14:56 Page 1

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