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Terror strikes the heart of Spain's second City as three fatal incidents befall the country Holly Payne Editor As reports start to reveal the identities of the fourteen people who died during a series of terrorist attacks in Spain, there grows mounting concern over where the next assault could take place and what can be done to prevent it. e first reported incident in a string of attacks that took place in Spain occurred in Barcelona's popular market town of Las Ramblas and involved a white van lurching into the busy and narrow pedestrianised streets, killing 13 and maiming hundreds of men, women and children. Less than 24hours later, a second terrorist incident was reported in the scenic coastal town of Cambrils when a group of alleged terrorists drove an Audi A3 into crowds, killing one and injuring six other civilians shortly before the group of four were shot dead by police. e crude methods now utilised by terrorists to inflict serious harm has made monitoring potential threats more difficult than ever before. While in previous years intelligence services were able to collect and compile data relating to those deemed capable of committing terror, the simplicity of hiring a vehicle to cause death and injury to others has made potential threats more difficult to anticipate and subsequently, to prevent. Speaking recently on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Jonathan Evans, former MI5 chief, stated that sporadic terrorists attacks, such as those that took place on the UK's Westminster Bridge earlier this year, could be responsible for an "energising effect" on other potential terrorists, spurring would-be attackers to follow a similar path: "We did see a huge upsurge in threat intelligence aer July 7 and I suspect that there's the same sort of feeling in the period aer the Westminster Bridge attack - that a lot of people who thought 'I'd like to do this' suddenly decided 'yep, if they can do it, then I can do it'." Describing the surge in terrorist attacks as a "generational problem", Evans suggested that tackling the issue could take thirty years and called for "persistence" in 14 killed in Barcelona and more than one-hundred injured One death in coastal town and six more wounded ISIS claim responsibility for the vehicle attacks as five suspects are shot dead by police and one perpetrator confesses As the world gazes on in horror, the question still remains – how can we stop this? Issue 26 THE NEWSPAPER FOR THE SECURITY INDUSTRY ZK Access' ProBio-ID with SilkID fingerprint technology delivers fast and reliable Access control for those requiring extra security. • Read more – page 26 Product profile e price to defeat terrorism is no small undertaking. But until we do, are we really safe? Chris Hunter, Special Forces reports. • Read more – page 11 Counter-terror Morey J. Haber, Beyond Trust 's Vice President of Technology, takes a closer look at Insider reats and imaginative methods of stealing data. • Read more – page 20 Cyber security SIA Honours Night, ISC East SIA waves the banner for women as it prepares to celebrate gender diversity at this year's Women in Biometrics Awards, taking place on November 15 at ISC East. Issue sponsor Digital Barriers' ruVis technology was implemented this festival season to reduce the presence of hostile threats. To read the full feature, turn to page 13 Surveillance What happens to our data, as data volumes increase with Smart Cities? Andrey Khristoforov, AxxonSo addresses the issue. To read the full feature, turn to page 18 Artificial Intelligence Continued on page 8... Continued on page 9...

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