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Flagship London building adopts manned security measures for occupants' safety Fleet Place Axis Security, a UK leading suppliers of security services, has won a new contract with London-based property consultant Kinney Green to provide manned guarding services to its flagship property in the heart of e City – 5 Fleet Place. A total of eight employees have been transferred to Axis employment via TUPE, including a receptionist, supervisor and six security officers. Axis is also providing further officers to cover holidays and sickness. Jerry Paddon, 5 Fleet Place Building Manager, Kinney Green, says it is vital that the entire security team strikes the right balance between security and customer service: "Our occupants expect a high level of professionalism from everyone they come into contact with, especially when their clients visit. As well as keeping the building secure, it is also essential that our team is welcoming, knowledgeable and professional at all times." In what was a competitive tender, Jerry was impressed with Axis Security's commitment to employee welfare: "Having worked with what is an excellent security team for many years now, it is important for me to ensure they are well looked aer by our security provider." Training provided by Axis Security includes first aid, with defibrillator training, as part of a specific request by the building's occupiers; World Host customer service training to ensure the very highest levels of customer service are maintained; and Project Argus strategic counter-terrorism courses. Technology is another area where Axis Security has been able to add value. A digital Daily Occurrence Book (DOB) and fast-field forms on iPads have been implemented to reduce paper usage and provide accurate, real-time documentation, while an automated parking system has helped to streamline parking in the busy site. TimeGate scheduling is also being utilised, providing the security supervisor with a simple method for organising holidays and shi patterns. "ese technologies are helping to ensure the officers are as efficient and effective as possible," adds Jerry. "For example, Track Tik, our new mobile patrol app, allows us to simply record each patrol, not only providing accountability, but also alerting officers to take extra care if we identify an area of particular concern. News 3 Issue sponsor Officer Connect has launched a new client portal as an integral part of its 'virtual' engagement solution for the manned guarding industry. e portal enables Clients to have total visibility of their entire security portfolio, and the men and women for whom they are responsible. Recorded interviews between employees and the Officer Connect team can be reviewed, alongside a transcript of the conversation that has taken place, with any key areas of concern or issues appropriately 'red-flagged'. e portal also enables users to view and amend schedules for every site and every Officer, as well as quickly and easily creating 'new' Officer profiles to add to those uploaded at the start of mobilisation. Summary reports can be automatically sent as a PDF. It also supports basic administration. Officer Connect is designed to improve Officer well- being and support security providers in their contractual and moral obligations to customers and staff. e company claims to provide Virtual Visits as an enhancement to the 'traditional' approach of visits by mobile supervisors out of hours - access to the portal is granted via a unique log in and passwords. Director and Founder Steve Kennedy, said: "e portal allows the Client to access, track and compare progress across their individual sites and Officers, enabling effective delivery of site management and personnel development." Virtual engagement solution launched by Officer Connect for manned guarding A memorandum of understanding has been established by the two in anticipation of closer trade links. e British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and its American equivalent, the Security Industry Association (SIA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish the foundations of a long-term working relationship in anticipation of closer trade links between the two countries aer Brexit. Signed by the Chief Executives of both Associations at London's historic Benjamin Franklin House as part of the SIA's visit to London last month, the MOU formalises both parties' agreement to 'work collaboratively in the interests of the UK security industry and the US security industry, where to do so would have a measurable beneficial effect on both nations' security industries'. e MOU signing was part of a week-long visit by the SIA's Chief Executive, Don Erickson, and its Director of Government Relations, Jake Parker, which saw them also attend the BSIA's Annual Luncheon to forge connections with key UK security providers, addressing them on the new opportunities brought about by recent political changes in both countries. Felix Parker-Smith, the BSIA's Public Affairs Executive, said: "Although Brexit will have created some uncertainty for some businesses in the UK, it has also opened the door to a multitude of potential new trade deals around the world. Partnerships such as this one between the BSIA and the SIA give confidence to exporters and governments in both nations of the strength of the UK and US markets." In 2016, the US imported more than £257.4m worth of security products and services from UK companies, making the UK the sixth biggest exporter of security solutions to the USA. Don Erickson, Chief Executive of the SIA, said: "BSIA is a first-class organisation and we were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the UK security industry directly from BSIA members. SIA is excited by potential collaboration with BSIA in several key areas... including data privacy, cyber-security, and the development of a U.S-U.K. trade agreement. We also are poised to work closely together to help SIA and BSIA members understand the opportunities and challenges associated with businesses operating in our respective markets." BSIA forges closer ties with USA ahead of Brexit The looming possibility of terror-related incidents calls for increased focus on perimeter security, including steps to monitor those entering and exiting premises. To limit the risks, Axis Security has taken steps to make a central London building safer. Dallmeier_S-Panomera_210x150_UK.indd 1 10.02.2016 14:37:46

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