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True or false? UK's mission to combat 'fake news' as threat to online security heightens e UK government has signalled its commitment to improving online safety at the same time as the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport prepares to conduct a fresh enquiry into the impact of 'fake news'. It follows a pledge made earlier in 2017 by the UK Government to make Britain "the safest place in the world to be online" aer mounting concern over the availability of safe spaces for criminals and abusers, and lack of measures designed to prevent malware and cyber attacks. Renewed interest has arisen in recent months into the limitations of the UK government in preventing major online threats, with fake news another obstacle to overcome in a period where misinformation distributed by hackers presents an escalating threat to world peace. A survey from the Centre for Preventative Action (CPA) recently identified military conflict involving the United States, North Korea and neighbouring countries a 'top tier' risk, with fears growing that unverified reports could exacerbate hostilities, or that a hacker could instigate conflict by enacting a provocation that would bring with it serious consequences. With the risk of armed conflict already estimated to be growing, the likelihood of a 'highly disruptive cyber attack on US critical infrastructure and networks' has been forecast by leading experts. Norman Shaw, CEO of GCHQ's recently selected British cyber security startup ExactTrak, believes hostility is most likely to emerge in the form of an attack on industrial and financial and institutions "e threat of nuclear warfare is the province of a big ego. e real damage will be to commerce and infrastructure. A cyber attack on the electricity grid, gas distribution system or even air traffic control would cause disruption far greater than any conventional arms deployment… lack of reliable security for the Internet of ings (IoT) is a problem waiting to happen. Internet connected medical devices could be remotely controlled causing devastation." It is estimated that the cost of an attack on a corporation's system is $700,000, with a single ransomware attack costing thousands in ransom Government department launches inquiry into 'fake news' Growing concern that distribution of misinformation could pose a threat to international security Fears in connection with possible exploitation of weaknesses in IoT devices Government consultation on Internet Safety Strategy is scheduled amid inquiry by Select Committee into potential risks of irresponsible information sharing Issue 28 THE NEWSPAPER FOR THE SECURITY INDUSTRY Intersec 2018 Businesses look to the Middle East's billion dollar commercial security market at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 21-23 January, 2018. Issue sponsor Industry leaders make their predictions for the year ahead. To read the full feature, turn to page 24 ATG Access' Surface Guard System comes in a sleek design, making it an effective deterrent without being imposing. To read the full feature, turn to page 29 2018 outlook Product profile Continued on page8... Continued on page 11... AssA Abloy Hospitality At AssA Abloy Hospitality, innovation is nothing new. We have been leading the industry in security and access technology for over 40 years, since introducing the world's first electronic lock. Today, student housing facilities around the globe are secured by our advanced solutions, including VingCard locks, Elsafe safes, mobile access and integrated software platforms. As part of the AssA Abloy Group, we provide worldwide service and support in more than 166 countries. VingCard Essence VingCard signature Elsafe Zenith standard A new generation of security innovation. Ad_A5_Dubai_All markets.indd 1 07/12/2017 13:21:55 Middle East trends Access control Operational technology and IoT converge, while spending in the region is set to reach $1.8 billion. • Read more – page 18 As companies adjust to the need for heightening security standards, Mobile Access Technology from ASSA ABLOY is proving spot on. • Read more – page 17 COPYRIGHT

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